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             Liaocheng ilee chemical company limited set up in 2013, we are the one manufacturer of Alkyl sulfonic Acid Phenyl Ester (ASE/T-50) factory in china , our ASE is very eco-friend and non toxic plasticizer chemical, the plant located in beautiful city in north of china ----Liaocheng,  west of shandong province economic development zone and modern chemical industrial park, factory total area 20000 square meters, we are the professional high-tech specific chemical enterprise with developing, researching ,producing and marketing eco-friend plasticizer chemicals here.

             Our ASE is a common environmental friendly plasticizer without phthalate esters,has a very good plasticizing effect and saponification performance with environmental and non-toxic features ,applied for food packaging materials, also it provides excellent low temperature plasticizing properties and saponification resistance, well compatible with PVC,PU,NR,SBR,NBR and many kinds of polymeride,have a good gelling behaviour with many molecule materials like PVC or PU, lower processing temperature and shortened working time.

            Our factory certified ISO9001-2008 quality control system,adhering spirit of scientific innovation,based on “The parallel of both obligation and benefit,reputation in the market”policy,always implement the "quality first, credit first" business purpose,greatest benefits to customers and society,constantly transcend and healthy development,to be a first-class supplier of chemical raw materials through unyielding efforts,we warmly welcome you visit our factory ,mutual help, encourage together,  cooperate  to  win  totally.

        Corporate reality

        Corporate reality